Positivity: Groundbreaking Research Reveals How To Embrace the Hidden Strength of Positive Emotions, Overcome Negativity, and Thrive

Praise for Positivity

"The first time I heard Barb Fredrickson speak, the famous psychologist sitting next to me said, "That's the real thing!" This book, like Barb, is the "Real Thing:" It's the perfect blend of sound science and wise advice on how to become happier. Barbara Fredrickson is the genius of the positive psychology movement." —Martin E. P. Seligman, Ph.D., author of Authentic Happiness

"Positivity is positively wonderful! Barbara Fredrickson offers sure-fire methods for transforming our lives from so-so to joyous. Highly recommended." —Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence

"Positivity is literally the feel good book of the year, providing a scientifically sound prescription for joy, health, and creativity. Read one to two chapters daily as needed or until grumpiness subsides." —Daniel Gilbert, Ph.D., professor of psychology, Harvard University, Author of Stumbling on Happiness

"Written by one of the most influential contributors to this new perspective in science, Positivity provides a wonderful synthesis of what positive psychology has accomplished in the first decade of its existence. It is full of deep insights about human behavior, as well as useful suggestions for how to apply them in everyday life. What is more, the book keeps you in suspense describing the often convoluted process by which discoveries in science are made. In basic research, the journey is often as important as reaching the destination; and Professor Fredrickson is a wonderfully clear and helpful guide along the journey." —Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Ph.D., Author of Flow

"Here at last, from an eminent research psychologist, is the science that supports and informs the power of positive thinking. And what a pleasure to read such lucid and vividly illustrated prose."—David G. Myers, Ph.D., professor of psychology, Hope College, and author of The Pursuit ofHappiness

"Sometimes there are moments, in every field, when history gasps. When former limitations and biases, old conventions and limiting paradigms, are suddenly eclipsed as something new is established. Positivity ushers in such a moment. Fredrickson's work is a stunning achievement: her utterly original science of "what good are positive emotions?" – hope, inspiration, joy and the like – has implications for diverse fields from evolutionary theory to business leadership, and from the whole of psychology to flourishing families. Read this book and randomly spread it to others. It will create a positive revolution in a world that is ready for a positive revolution."
—David Cooperrider, Ph.D., professor of management, Case Western Reserve University, and Author of Appreciative Inquiry

"Behind most every significant scientific breakthrough is a rigorous, tough minded investigator who passionately pursues the truth. Barb is that person and her life's work represents a priceless contribution to the world of psychology. Positivity is a treasure trove of new data-based insights and breakthrough thinking. Barb is one of a kind and so is her new book. Her work and this book are simply brilliant."—Jim Loehr, Ed.D., Bestselling author and CEO of The Human Performance Institute

"Positivity is filled with morsels of knowledge and practices that build pathways to flourishing for yourself and for others. For those with an appetite for solid psychological science put into the service of improving people’s lives, this book will fill you up and inspire action."—Jane E. Dutton, Ph.D., professor of business, University of Michigan, and author of Energize Your Workplace

"Positivity is a book that will bring comfort to anyone who has suffered even 10 minutes of depression." —George E. Vaillant, M.D., author of Spiritual Evolution

"Nothing looks happier than a bunch of young primates orchildren at play. The need for connection and exploration never leaves us, evenas adults. As is clear from this inspiring book by Barbara Fredrickson, apositive, outgoing attitude greatly enriches our lives as well as that of thosearound us." —Frans de Waal, Ph.D., author of Our Inner Ape

"Positivity is a wonderful mixture of scientific facts and inspiration. The science is clear and accessible, and the information encouraging and life affirming. Even if our everyday lives seem more neutral than positive, and even if our lives are far more painful than positive, there is real and practical benefit for us in this book."—Sharon Salzberg, author of Lovingkindness: The Revolutionary Art of Happiness

"Positivity is an inspiring book. It provides overwhelming evidence on the power of positive thoughts and feelings. And it gives you well-tested ways to achieve them."—Lord Richard Layard, Ph.D., professor, London School of Economics, and author of Happiness: Lessons from a New Science

"From its earliest days, the field of positive psychology has been fortunate to have Barbara Fredrickson as its preeminent researcher. Possessing the rare combination of brilliance in science and thoughtfulness about human behavior, she is the world’s leading expert on positive emotion and the first to seriously investigate the meanings, causes, functions, and implications of joy, gratitude, serenity, interest, hope, pride, amusement, inspiration, awe and love. Now, Fredrickson has written a book that many of us have been waiting for a decade for her to write. Seamlessly weaving scientific findings with compelling anecdotes and stories, Positivity is both a joy to read and a revelation. Fredrickson’s book meets not one but two sets of standards – those of the best books in science and those of the best in popular psychology, engaging and accessible to all."—Sonja Lyubomirsky, Ph.D., professor of psychology, University of California at Riverside, and author of The How of Happiness


"...Fredrickson, one of the pioneers of [positive psychology] knows her stuff. She is a sure-footed and compassionate guide to [this field's] many findings. Indeed, the best nuggets stem from [her] own work into what she calls the 'broaden-and-build theory...'"
The Washington Post

"...Fredrickson has been building her theory for many years, and broadening it with new ideas and rigorous laboratory evidence. Positivity is an accessible and inspiring version of this project..."
Wray Herbert, We’re Only Human. (Click here for full review)

"...Positive psychology pioneer Fredrickson introduces readers to the power of harnessing happiness to transform their lives, backed up by impressive lab research. The book includes compelling case studies, concrete tips, a Positivity Self Test, and a tool kit for decreasing negativity and raising the positivity ratio. Positivity offers readers a chance to experiment with positivity and very possibly lead richer lives..."
Publishers Weekly (Click here for full review)

"...[Fredrickson] has undertaken the difficult task of presenting self-help information in a scientific context. ...[and] has achieved an admirable balance between a careful explanation of her research and theories and a warm-hearted invitation to readers to deal with their own positivity ratio."
PsycCRITIQUES (Click here for full review)

“...Positivity has a wide-ranging appeal. Both critical scientific readers and people who are just being introduced to the science of positive psychology will find the book compelling. ...I would especially recommend this book to anyone who is doubtful about the value of studying positive emotions scientifically.”
The Journal of Positive Psychology (Click here for full review)

"...One of my absolute favorite things about this book was something I didn’t expect. Dr Fredrickson includes lots of brief anecdotes about how she uses the strategies she recommends in her own life (including how she has used them during challenging personal experiences). This brought a tremendous amount of warmth and the ring authenticity to the book. The touching personal examples showed the author as a real person as well as a very accomplished scientist..."
Dr. Alice Boyes (Click here for full review)

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